Ancient to medieval Japanese agriculture

Here, I will explain the beginning of agriculture in Japan.

Cultivation that began in the late Jomon period

Rice cultivation is said to have started in Kyushu in the late Jomon period. In the early Yayoi period, it spread to Tohoku, and farming began to be carried out throughout Japan.

Common Citizenship and Private Ownership

In the Asuka / Nara period, a system for keeping family registers and accounts was established, and a public land public system was established to assign public land to citizens. After that, the private property system, in which the land belongs to the individual rather than the public land, became widespread. These lands are called villas.

Rural organization

During the Kamakura period, when the samurai emerged, Jito was assigned to each villa. The samurai collects annual tribute from the villa, and the village head is organized, such as the owner who owns the villa and pays the annual tribute to the samurai, and the peasants who actually work under it.